Dependable partner for Offshore Digital Marketing projects: A Buzz

Dependable partner for Offshore Digital Marketing projects: A Buzz

A Buzz, a young, enthusiastic and intelligent organisation has a proven track record in executing creative and effective digital marketing projects across India.

With many brilliant international digital marketing agencies looking to execute projects in India, Abuzz with the experience it has gained by interacting with the unique audience demography of India can be the trusted partner for offshore project digital marketing and project management.

India as a marketplace is rapidly evolving. Till a few years ago, Indian decision-makers were still following the traditional marketing approaches, where the printed word mattered. But with the rapid evolution of technology, availability of internet and access to global facts, the Indian mindset has changed for the good.

The internet has opened up the world for the average Indian.

The Indian is no more non-Digital

According to a Mckinsey report, India will have an estimated 650 million to 700 million internet users by the year 2023. India has the second-largest online market in the world after China. By the year-end of 2020, India will have an estimated, and the highest number of mobile data users (11 gigabit/ month) in the world.

The average Indian today is more open to gaining information over the internet, he follows reviews vehemently, makes decisions based on various digital parameters and at the same time is not opposed to sharing his views frankly and openly.

However, the audiences in India are unique by nature. Though they might follow reviews and trends, they would still trust the traditional brands and services, as the brand values which have been successfully communicated through the years are still intact even with the millennial generation of India. This has created interesting and viable opportunities for localised digital marketing agencies in India.

With a high number of digital users, internet-savvy population and a unique mindset, the need for an agency which understands the Indian value systems and a social pattern is amplified.

International digital marketing agencies planning to execute projects in the Indian space face challenges regarding the approach they need to adopt. The challenge is to create an effective, apolitical, neutral messaging with a high potential of viral element attached. This is only possible by partnering with local agencies, who are steeped in handling the Indian experience.

India a talent box

Globalization has flattened the world, and it has become increasingly important to outsource work offshore. India has immense execution and operational capabilities. Some of the reasons to outsource to Indian are:

Improved Productivity: India offers more for less. With the constant pressure to improve productivity, utilizing existing staff to manage an outsourced team allows for better productivity.
Educated professionals: With the availability of a huge number of highly educated professionals, availability of skills is not a problem at all. Add to that the localised experience gives a crucial edge to digital marketing professionals. India boasts of 5000+ business schools, and some of the premier institutes like IIM A and IIM B are churning out focused professionals.
Language no barrier: India has one of the largest English-speaking populations in the world. According to BBC, 10% of India’s population can communicate well in English. Therefore, communication is not a problem.
Remain focused: By outsourcing to India, foreign clientele can keep their efforts focused on their core business activity and objectives. With a versatile skill pool, finding dependable partners for marketing and support activities is very easy.
Pricing flexibility: Effort costing is very high in western countries. They are also stipulated by certain government norms. India provides pricing flexibility. The cost incurred in India is almost half the cost incurred in the US.
Achieve scalability:| With the execution and cost taken care of, businesses can look into expansions and scaling their operations.
Customized services: Indian digital marketers follow globally proven methodologies, enabling them to deliver maximum value to customers. Whether a project is about PPC, SEO or ORM, the professionals have ample experience in implementing testing, smart positioning and objectives, to make an online digital marketing project a success.
Graphic support: Art is an integral part of an average Indian’s life. Therefore, there is no dearth of illustrators, graphic artists and designers with a unique blend of international taste and localised execution capabilities.
Glocalmindset: Global outlook with a local approach or taste, is the game-changer in any marketing effort. With the number of internet users in India, access to global trends and expectations is in place already.
Solution-based approach: Indian’s are predominantly solution based- they are quick, innovative and creative to develop effective solutions and messaging in the given limitations and objectives.
Abuzz a Global Agency

A Buzz Company is an Outsourcing Chief Marketing Officers Organization with an experienced, talented & capable crew to manage 360° of Marketing & Communication Strategy. Our services include providing

  • - Go-to Market Strategy & Implementation
  • - Marketing & Communication Solutions
  • - Smart Digital Marketing
  • - Media Presence & Media Management
  • - Analyst & Influencer Relations Management
  • - Solutions for Pre-sales on Lead Sourcing/ Lead Generation/ Lead Communications/ Lead Management /E-mailer Campaigns / Monthly Newsletter Management
  • - Corporate Communications strategy the enable effective Internal & External Communication plans including Public Relations, Analyst relations & building the branding of a Great Place to work.

With excellent processes and methodology, an encouraging career development initiative through learning and development we have been successful in gaining good cliental base and have been nurturing good talent and giving the world the next generation of Marketing & Communication Strategists.