Digital Marketing

The role of digital marketing is growing exponentially. Marketing is all about being in front of people who matter at the right time and place. Today, people (read: prospective clients) spend most of their time online or on the digital media. It obvious, if you are not digital you are non-existent.

Services We Offer

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Website Strategy
Social Media Marketing
Email Marketing
Content Generation
Content Optimization
Quality Link Building
Affiliate Marketing
Branding & Creative Services
Strategy & Analytics Consulting
Digital Competitive Analysis

Education Institutes

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Legal Services

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Why Choose Us

  • Experience & trained Digital Marketing team of experts
  • In –house content strategist and content creators
  • Trained on Strategy driven approach for Digital Marketing
  • Our learning & development function enables our teams working from remote locations to be kept upto date informed on new technology & trends.
  • Our Strategy team is experienced and bring good years of knowledge strategizing MarComm for multiple industries.
  • The team has a good blend of Technology and Marketing experience
  • Excellent Project management skills and tools to manage uninterrupted delivery with remote team delivery.

What makes us stand out

Abuzz, has is a team of young and dynamic professionals who eat, drink and breath digital media. We offer a complete end to end bouquet of services. With Abuzz expertise, you can set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant & Time Bound) goals. Over year of experience we have developed out own unique methodology:

  • Understand: We conduct in-depth interactions with the client to understand his key offerings and business values.
  • Baselining: Get an insight into the current state/ level the client is in.
  • Analyze: Do an exhaustive competitor and keyword research.
  • Develop: Effective and creative content supported by a long-term plan and strategy.
  • Deploy: Implement the plan.
  • Fine tune: on analytics we further fine tune the strategy to achieve client goals.

Why you must use this service

In today’s world of hyper fast digital communication and fragile attention spans, conventional communication is not enough. Digital Media has arrived and established itself strongly. And it’s not going away for a long long time; maybe for eternity.

Sectors we serve

Abuzz, is open to working with any sector as long as it satisfies the creative zeal of the team. Till now we have worked with the following:

IT & Software Industry
Manufacturing Industry
Startups & Micro companies
E commerce Companies
Artificial Intelligence
Education Industry
Supply Chain Management
Service Providers in B2B & B2C industry
Medical Industry
Mortgage & Insurance


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