Why do Press releases matter today?

Why do Press releases matter today?

With the advent of digital and social media, how the world communicates with one another has changed drastically. This is also relevant in the case of the corporate sector.

Digital marketing, blogging, vlogs, online content generation, or influencers have created a 24/7 supply of information. So would it be appropriate to write off the importance of a press release today?

That is not the case. And if something similar happens, it would be a monumental mistake.

Like everything else, the press has also evolved as the online source of marketing and public relations.

Today PR and journalism have become even more important as journalists look for industry-specific information and relevant content. More so, a well-written press release has if distributed through the right online distributors help gain visibly and establishes a brand value.

Why do press releases matter today?


A press release is a direct method of developing trust in the minds of your consumers, audience, or the market in general. Brand trust is an essential component in buying a good. And that is established only through a Press release.

Regularly distributing a press release helps you build credibility with the journalists, (who are your main messengers in taking any kind of important news to the public). They will in turn make sure that any important information related to your organization is reached correctly and on time.

Press releases are devoid of any kind of advertisements so the people are likely to trust them more and understand the motive of the press release is clear.

A press release can also be used to make aware of any false information which is being spread or in an unfortunate event any of kind of crises which the company is facing. This way you will put an end to any kind of rumors doing the rounds in the market.

Direct boost to SEO traffic-

A well-structured, equipped with strategic keywords, helps the top search engines index, match and rank your press release. A high-ranking press release is very crucial as there as millions of searches every minute on Google.

Well-written content with relevant links will give a direct boost to the SEO traffic, and give you an edge over your nearest competitor.

Establish a relationship with the media-

The importance of media will never fade away as they are the direct source of furnishing information between the public and the organization. Even today journalists look for top press releases as their information source and new announcements as their primary source.

A press release is like a direct account of something newsworthy coming straight from the main source. A press release is like an interesting story of your organization where you are telling them the how, what and why.

Customer Engagement-

You have announced a well-crafted Press release. Now, what next? A good distribution service is also important for the proper viewership of the audience since it is directly responsible for customer engagement. What’s more, you have the opportunity to reach an audience that may have never heard of your business ever before.

It will not only get talking about your press release but also about your organization/ business/ company. The top sites are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Tweets are the number one source of engagement especially for companies and to announce anything important. It has the widest base of the online audience also.

Press release helps you establish as in Industry expert-

Why is it important to establish as an Industry expert? For the simple reason you will gain the trust of your customers and you gain loyal customers in the long run. Not only this, but also helps build trust among the media.

e.g. - if there is any kind of information in the market related to your domain, the media is likely to come to you for any kind of opinion or comment.

This will in turn increase your reach and make you a potential front- runner in the industry.

Useful to gain potential investors-

Press releases are responsible for highlighting the success and important information about your company. They are a powerful tool for attracting investors in your company. It will be a good idea to set up an online newsroom on your website as investors are likely to access the same for any kind of significant information.

Helps create interest-

While this may look like a repeated point, we will explain this in detail. Today press releases do not follow a plain and stated format. They are now uploaded with interesting images, graphs, tables, and videos. Multimedia are a powerful source of creating interest and making the word spread fast.


Once you have published a press release, it is easier to share on all the social media channels. You do not require any investment and makes for a cost-effective procedure. What’s more, they are accessible even years after the press release was uploaded.

It is a brilliant way to put forward a value proposition-

A value proposition is a way in which you convince your audience about how your products or business strategies will be useful for the clients. Its benefits and specific features and how it differentiates from your competitors in the market. It is a promise made to your clients that you will deliver the best and what is better than to announce it in a press release?

A press release helps you build a consistent content portfolio-

With every press release, you are creating new and innovative at the same time a relevant content. It helps you in staying connected with your audience. It also helps you know their tastes, demands and interests. The more regular and in the flow you are with posting your content, the more will be your brand value.

On a concluding note-

A Press release will never become obsolete. Yes, will evolve and be in sync with the Digital medium. In fact, digitization and press releases will create a powerful distribution service making it accessible to newer audiences.

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